Yes wins Napier referendum

By Andrew Barr

Yesterday’s Edinburgh Napier University referendum debate was a huge success for the Yes movement, with a final poll finding up to 80% of audience members supporting independence. The student debate, held at Napier’s Merchiston campus, was organised and chaired by Student Scotland.

The debate focused primarily on student issues, including funding and free education, and later included discussion on the economy, culture and defence.

Debating for National Collective, the arts campaign for Scottish independence, Dominic Hinde won over the room. He said: “What characterised the debate was an honesty from both speakers, and once we started talking about different models for Scotland and how that relates to prosperity, we began to see a turn in the room.”

Having a debate between young people, without politicians or parties, made the audience more willing to listen to the arguments on both sides. The Napier Referendum debate shows how, given our own platforms, young people can be engaged, and how a message of optimism, imagination and possibility can win us over to independence.



  • Yesterday we have asked those who have already moved to Yes to give their reasons by taking a picture, tagging their undecided friends and asking '#YouYesYet?' over social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.
  • Two decisive wins at independence debates in East Dunbartonshire and Argyll and Bute underline that momentum is continuing to build for Yes. An exit poll taken after a lively debate at a packed St Mary's church hall in Kirkintilloch on Friday evening put Yes at 63% with No on 24% and undecideds at 13%.
  • Independence is absolutely essential for young people in Scotland - a Yes vote means we can safeguard free university education for Scottish students and use the full powers over the economy to create more jobs and opportunities here in Scotland.
  • The Paisley-born actress, who plays Kelly-Marie Adams in the popular TV soap, is convinced independence is the key to a better, fairer and more confident Scotland.