Yes Scotland welcomes support of Scottish CND

Yes Scotland's chief executive, Blair Jenkins, has welcomed the decision of Scottish CND to campaign for an independent Scotland.

He said: "Research shows that an overwhelming majority of people in Scotland are opposed to nuclear weapons and I am delighted that Scottish CND are joining our ever-growing independence family. An independent Scotland will have the opportunity to elect a government of its choice, as opposed to being ruled by a Westminster government we did not vote for. By doing so people against nuclear weapons can effectively turn strong vocal opposition into action."

At their AGM on Saturday, Scottish CND members approved a motion saying:

"Conference urges all members to give priority to the campaign for a 'Yes vote' in the 2014 independence referendum, which will give the Scottish Government a mandate to negotiate a written constitution with a clause on No Nuclear Weapons in Scotland. Conference resolves that SCND affiliates to and promotes the “Yes” campaign as the most immediate and effective way of getting rid of Trident."

Arthur West, Chair of Scottish CND, said: "The independence referendum provides a great opportunity not just to remove Trident from Scotland, but to achieve nuclear disarmament in Britain.  People will consider a whole range of subjects when deciding how to vote in 2014. We recognise that we have members who will not be supporting independence for other reasons. On the issue of nuclear disarmament, our advice is to vote Yes."

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