Yes Scotland welcomes straightforward and fair question

Yes Scotland today welcomed the Scottish Government's referendum question as a "major milestone crossed" on the road to a decisive Yes vote for an independent Scotland in 2014. 

"The question 'Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?' is straightforward and fair," said Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins.

"This marks another major step towards completing the referendum process. Now, over the next two years, we look forward to fully engaging with the people of Scotland in the debate about the future direction of our country."

Mr Jenkins pointed out that almost two-thirds (64%) of respondents in the Scottish Government's public consultation on the referendum broadly backed the wording of the proposed question. 

He also welcomed support for the question from internationally-acclaimed referendum expert Dr Matt Qvortrup and Stirling University politics expert Dr Peter Lynch. 

The question, which requires a simple Yes or No answer, will now be tested by the Electoral Commission. 

Mr Jenkins said Yes Scotland was building the biggest community-based campaign in Scottish history, reflecting the fact that this is "the people's campaign and the people's referendum". 

He added: "Provided the Electoral Commission approves the proposed question, the people of Scotland can now start to focus fully on the benefits of independence and how making our decisions under our own terms will allow us to build the kind of country that matches our values, aspirations and priorities."