Yes Scotland campaigning in your area

Since the Yes Campaign launched we have held events every weekend all over Scotland - some 150 in total - with scores more scheduled over the next few weeks. This is all part of our stated aim of mounting the biggest community-based campaign in Scottish history.

Now Yes Scotland is setting up local groups to plan campaigns in your area. And we'd like you to get involved. We know that the referendum on becoming independent seems a long way away but there is work we need to do now if we are going to help Scotland say Yes.

We have already launched groups based on shared interests

Now groups are being formed with a focus on geographical areas. And some have already organised meetings to discuss how they can set up local campaigns that work for their area and their volunteers. These meetings are your chance to have your say in how we can build momentum for a Yes vote where you live. That won't be decided by Yes Scotland, it'll be decided locally by you.

As well as these inaugural meetings for local groups, there are many other events listed on the Yes Scotland website.

If there is not an inaugural meeting listed in your area, have a read through our local group guidance and if you want to help establish a local group. We can help arrange a venue and date and get a Yes Scotland representative to come along to speak to local supporters and volunteers.

Anyone who has signed the Yes Declaration can help set up a local group.


If you can’t come along but do want to get involved then you can volunteer or you can see what other ways you can take part by visiting our Join In section.

We at Yes Scotland believe the key to a successful Yes vote in the 2014 independence referendum is an inclusive and all-embracing campaign built from the grassroots.

Blair Jenkins, Chief Executive of Yes Scotland, says: "I am delighted and excited that the networks we are building at central and local levels are proceeding with pace and great enthusiasm.

"Support is increasing on a daily basis and I have every confidence that we will fulfil our aim to provide Scots with all the high-quality information they need to make the right decision in 2014.

"This is the people's campaign and the people's referendum.

"The campaign we are building will enable us to organise in a way that works for every part of Scotland and harnesses, in all our communities, the energy and drive that is mounting for a new kind of Scotland.

"At Yes Scotland HQ we will help from the centre, but not control from the centre. Local and sectoral groups know best what kind of activities will be most successful in their own communities."


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