Yes Scotland advisory board announced

By Fiona MacGregor 

Today we are delighted to introduce the members of the Yes Scotland advisory board who will help drive the campaign towards referendum success in autumn 2014.

Today we are delighted to introduce the members of the Yes Scotland advisory board who will help drive the campaign towards referendum success in autumn 2014.

The eight board members include respected figures from the worlds of business, media, the arts, and politics in Scotland and they will work under the chairmanship of former parliamentarian Dennis Canavan, whose appointment was announced last week

They are: Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister; Dan Macdonald, property developer; Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, solicitor and businesswoman; Elaine C. Smith, actress and comedienne; Colin Fox, socialist politician and former MSP; Pat Kane, musician and writer; Sarah-Jane Walls, businesswoman; and Andrew Fairlie, restaurateur.

Sir George Mathewson, former Chairman of The Royal Bank of Scotland, is taking up the role of Honorary Vice-President of Yes Scotland. Sir George will not sit on the board, but will be available to offer advice and guidance.

Blair Jenkins, Chief Executive of Yes Scotland, said: “This advisory board brings a rich diversity of experience, knowledge and skills to what will be the biggest campaign of its kind ever launched in this country.

“This is a broad church of opinions, ideas and visions, but with one shared goal – to deliver an independent Scotland. The advisory board will help to shape the tone and content of the Yes Scotland campaign and make sure we present a strong and confident case for independence.”

Mr Jenkins said that other board members could be added as the campaign moves forward. He hoped this would include a representative from the Scottish Green Party after its conference in October.

Commenting on today’s announcement Mr Canavan said: “I look forward with excitement and enthusiasm to working with the other board members. I see the job ahead as a great challenge, with the aim of organising a broad-based, inclusive campaign, embracing people of all political hue and none.”

Dan Macdonald said he is delighted to be part of the campaign: “I believe that Scotland’s future success lies in our own hands. Given the wealth of talent and resources Scotland has, and faced with the London government’s rejection of many of the social and economic values we hold dear, we should trust ourselves to build a better Scotland.”

And Sarah-Jane Walls added: “I don’t think there is anything more important for Scotland now than being part of the Yes Campaign. This is an historic and exciting time and means we have the opportunity to take Scotland in a new and better direction.”

Later this summer, we will announce details of the Yes Scotland advisory council. Consisting of local and regional representatives of the campaign from all over Scotland, the council will work alongside the board towards Yes success in 2014.



  • In these early days of Yes Scotland, we are giving top priority to two things: engaging with the many thousands of people who have contacted us to get involved and offer support, and putting in place the structure and the resources the campaign will need to deliver the right result for Scotland.
  • Photographs and success stories from Yes Scotland's first community action weekend have been arriving in the office all this week.
  • Expats from across the globe have contacted the Yes Scotland campaign saying they will be moving home before the referendum in 2014 so they can vote Yes and start a new life in an Independent Scotland.
  • In a historic debate in the Scottish Parliament today, MSPs will be asked to vote on whether Scotland should be an independent country. The debate starts at 2.55 this afternoon and will be opened by the First Minister, who will move the following motion: "That the Parliament agrees that Scotland should be an...