Yes to an economic recovery that benefits all

The Bank of Scotland’s quarterly Business Monitor report has shown Scottish firms recording the biggest increase in turnover since before the 2007/08 recession.  In the three months to August, 45% of firms surveyed increased turnover, while 22% experienced a decrease with the remainder showing no change. 

- Gradual recovery continues, despite Osborne’s unwelcome austerity economics choking growth
- With Yes we would have the right economic policies for Scotland
- With Yes we would have the powers to ensure that more of Scotland’s people feel the benefit of future recovery

Taken together with other indicators including increased employment, GDP figures and the bank’s Purchasing Managers Index, which recently showed a sharp rise in business activity, there is cautious optimism that the remainder of the year could see a gradual strengthening of the recovery in Scotland. 

This comes despite George Osborne “playing with fire” through his austerity economics, a set of policies widely opposed in Scotland and by Scotland’s MPs. 

In welcoming the new figures Scottish Labour's finance spokesman Iain Gray is reported as saying:

“increases in turnover, recruitment and growth are all good signs. But we have a duty to look beyond the headline figures to ensure everyone benefits from this recovery.  A recovery built on zero-hour contracts and temporary jobs will not bring about the long-term, sustainable growth that allows us to create the kind of Scotland we aspire to. Too many Scots are still missing out on the opportunities they deserve."

We agree.  And with a Yes vote, we will have the full powers we need to ensure that Scotland’s undoubted wealth and resources are put to work for the benefit of all of Scotland’s people.