'Yes campaign is one of optimism and aspiration'

Yes Scotland Advisory Board member Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh spoke at the Plaid Cymru conference in Aberystwyth at the weekend.

Tasmina, whose mother is from Cardiff, said: "Yes Scotland continues to build the largest community-based campaign in Scottish history. 

"An inclusive campaign, welcoming all groups, be they Labour for Independence, the Greens, Creatives, Young Scots, New Scots, Women, Students, Eco Scots, LGBT and Business, because they all want change, and they all have hope and ambition for Scotland. 

"The referendum is a choice between two futures – a Yes means Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands, while a No means Scotland’s future in Westminster’s hands. 

"Yes is based on the powerful idea that decisions about Scotland’s society and economy are best taken by the people who care most about her – that is the people who live and work there.

"We have universities that sit at the top of world league tables, we are the EU’s largest energy producer and have a range of world-class industries from food and drink and creative industries to bioscience and engineering.

"We are a wealthy and productive country and yet the vast majority of us don’t feel the full benefit of that wealth – we get less reward for our hard work, standards of living are lower than they should be and our pension pots are smaller." 

And she concluded: "The Yes campaign is one of optimism and aspiration. It represents the best of Scotland. 

"That is why I believe it can win and will win - and when it does, Scotland will never look back."