White paper: 'Childcare is particularly important'

Academic Dr David Small gives his reaction to the Scottish Government's blueprint for an independent Scotland, emphasising the importance of childcare.



  • The real question is not can Scotland be independent, but rather, should Scotland be an independent country? And, more and more people in Scotland are saying Yes. There are many reasons why Scotland should be independent.
  • We know Scotland is a wealthy nation and well placed to be a successful independent country. According to analysis by the Financial Times, we are one of the richest countries on Earth – our wealth per head is higher than the UK, France or Japan.

  • We know that Scotland has a wealth of resources, and is wealthier per head than France, the UK and Japan. And now we also know that Scotland has a wealth of ideas about how we can make those resources work better for the people that live here – creating more and better jobs, and growing our economy.
  • Independence is the only way to turn back the ever-widening wealth gap between the richest and poorest in Scotland, a high-powered debate was told tonight.