White paper: 'Childcare is particularly important'

Academic Dr David Small gives his reaction to the Scottish Government's blueprint for an independent Scotland, emphasising the importance of childcare.



  • The real question is not can Scotland be independent, but rather, should Scotland be an independent country? And, more and more people in Scotland are saying Yes. There are many reasons why Scotland should be independent.
  • Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has praised the Yes campaign’s vision for the future, while criticising the No campaign’s scaremongering and negativity.

    Prof Stiglitz, who is the former Chief Economist of the World Bank, spoke at the Edinburgh Book Festival. He highlighted the greater will to address...

  • The gender pay gap that still exists between men and women is nothing less than a scandal – and after a Yes vote taking strong and decisive action to tackle this gap will be the first priority of the Scottish Government’s Fair Work Commission.
  • Dear Friends,

    No need to worry - we aren't moving anywhere after a Yes vote. We too value the bonds between us and we'll still be your best friends and neighbours. 

    But what we don't value is dreadful Westminster government. It may have escaped your notice, but many people are...