What do No campaign say now EU membership under threat from Westminster?

Just a few weeks ago, Alistair Darling, the leader of the anti-independence No campaign, said: "I think we’re better together [as part of the UK]… because of the influence that we have in the European Union." And just last year he said our relationship with the EU was “critical” for Scotland.

The confirmation this morning that the Prime Minister supports an in/out referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union makes it very clear that the real threat to Scotland’s place in Europe comes from an increasingly Eurosceptic Westminster.

As Labour leader Ed Miliband warned at Prime Minister's Questions today, this means Scotland is now faced with massive economic uncertainty, given the real prospect that the UK might leave the EU.

What was, just a few weeks ago, one of the central pillars of the No campaign’s case, is now crumbling, with the anti-independence parties split on our EU future.

The No campaign has had plenty to say in the past about the importance of Scotland’s membership of the EU. But now that is under threat from Westminster, the question for Alistair Darling and the No campaign is this: "What are you saying today?"



  • The EU is the world’s wealthiest single market, comprising upwards of 500 million consumers. Membership of the EU, and access to the Single Market, provides Scottish firms more businesses to trade with, and more potential customers to sell to.  It provides our people with the right to travel, work and study in other EU...

  • Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is challenging the Coalition Government and Westminster opposition to accept the same "common-sense" position on EU membership as that of the Scottish Government.
  • The No campaign’s newly appointed adviser, Jim Gallagher has claimed that its “likely” that an independent Scotland will be an EU state after “accelerated negotiation”.
  • by Angus Millar

    In a series of interviews published today, senior politicians and academics from Denmark have said that the country would ‘welcome’ an independent Scotland into the European Union, and that the transition process to independent membership of the EU would be a ‘mere formality’ which...