'A time to stand up and be counted'

By Fiona MacGregor

“This is the only issue and this is the only campaign for me. This is the only time I’ll be doing this. I wouldn’t have got involved had it been anything else. It’s just one of those times and one of those issues where I think everybody in the end is going to have to stand up and be counted."

Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins speaks to Alison Rowat of the Herald and tells her how he progressed from journalism to heading up the campaign of a lifetime. To read the full interview click here.



  • The star of one of Scotland’s most popular crime detective series has declared his support for a Yes vote. Douglas Henshall,​ who plays Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez in the hit TV programme Shetland,​ ​today described the independence referendum as a chance for voters in Scotland to have an 'actual say' in how they would...
  • The Yes campaign today called on unregistered voters - the so-called 'missing million' - to help deliver cast-iron protection for Scotland's NHS with a Yes vote on September 18.

    The future of Scotland's NHS has moved centre stage in the referendum debate after Labour Shadow Health Secretary at Westminster, Andy...

  • Last night’s debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling was a very significant moment in the referendum, with the opportunities of a Yes and costs of a No coming across very clearly. More and more people are realising that a Yes vote presents the best future for Scotland. Here are three things we learned from last...

  • The referendum in September is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the people of Scotland. With a Yes vote, we can take Scotland’s future into Scotland’s hands and make our country a better place to live, for all of us.