'A time to stand up and be counted'

By Fiona MacGregor

“This is the only issue and this is the only campaign for me. This is the only time I’ll be doing this. I wouldn’t have got involved had it been anything else. It’s just one of those times and one of those issues where I think everybody in the end is going to have to stand up and be counted."

Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins speaks to Alison Rowat of the Herald and tells her how he progressed from journalism to heading up the campaign of a lifetime. To read the full interview click here.


Should Scotland be an independent country?


  • “Digital Rights Are Civil Rights” is the latest policy proposals from the Green Yes campaign, highlighting the opportunities of independence.
  • Scots Asians for Yes is hosting a public meeting in Edinburgh tomorrow with an array of speakers, including one of Scotland’s most prominent businesswomen and political figures who will tell the audience that our Asian communities should be ‘front and centre’ of the debate.
  • Yesterday we have asked those who have already moved to Yes to give their reasons by taking a picture, tagging their undecided friends and asking '#YouYesYet?' over social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.
  • Recently the Scottish Greens published a set of ideas for revitalising local government and local democracy. The party, which has councillors in Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Midlothian and Stirling, has called for a move towards much smaller units of government that would be able to raise the majority of their funding locally.