'A time to stand up and be counted'

By Fiona MacGregor

“This is the only issue and this is the only campaign for me. This is the only time I’ll be doing this. I wouldn’t have got involved had it been anything else. It’s just one of those times and one of those issues where I think everybody in the end is going to have to stand up and be counted."

Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins speaks to Alison Rowat of the Herald and tells her how he progressed from journalism to heading up the campaign of a lifetime. To read the full interview click here.



  • The opportunity to create a better, fairer and more prosperous Scotland is too good to miss, Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins said today.

    And he said the new Scotland will be built on the “phenomenal wave of optimism, confidence and energy” that has been released during the independence debate.

  • Top Scottish lawyers have held an emergency meeting to discuss how best to combat threats against European citizens made by scaremongering No campaigners.

    The eve-of-poll gathering was designed to reassure European citizens resident in Scotland that they will be very welcome after independence.

  • Club chief Stephen Thompson took over the reins from his father Eddie in 2008 and has seen the side reach two Scottish Cup finals.

    He is convinced that the best people to take decisions on Scotland’s future are the people who live here and he wants to see a Yes sport in Scotland can flourish with promotion from a...

  • A group of armed forces veterans who are proudly voting Yes - including 102-year-old Desert Rat Jimmy Sinclair - have today issued an open letter in response to the article in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph by Lord Richard Dannatt, in which he attempted to invoke those who had died in conflict as a reason to vote No.