Scotland being independent 'would not change' Diageo's investment

The chief executive of Diageo today said that Scotland being independent would make "no difference at all" to the drinks giant's decisions about investing here.

Asked on Radio Four's Today programme about Scotland becoming independent, Paul Walsh said: "Scotch has been around for hundreds of years, it has seen all kinds of political changes... Our decision to invest is based on the economics that we think the category will continue to enjoy."

The firm employs 4,000 people in Scotland and is planning to invest about £1 billion in whisky over the next five years.

Blair Jenkins, the chief executive of Yes Scotland, said: "This is completely consistent with what other international companies are saying. Scotland will be a great place to invest as an independent country.

"Scotland deciding to make its own decisions will be a completely normal state of affairs and obviously will not change its attractiveness to investors."

With Scotland currently ranked in an Ernst and Young survey as the most attractive place in the UK to do business, Mr Walsh's comments echo the findings of Channel 4’s respected Factcheck website which also found that business leaders were confident about investing in Scotland.


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