A quick quiz on campaign funding

Who do you think should be allowed to donate to the Yes and No campaigns in the independence referendum?

A - £10 from a Scottish student studying in France?

B - £50 from a Scots-born resident of Manchester?

C - £1 million from a big Tory donor who lives in London?

If you answered A+B, you agree with Yes Scotland’s approach to campaign funding – we will only accept large donations from people who can vote in Scotland.

If you answered B+C, you agree with the No Campaign. They want to stop your daughter or son, studying abroad for a few years, from giving even £10 to the Yes campaign. 

They want big Tory donors – people who don’t live in Scotland or vote in Scotland - to be able to give millions to the No campaign.

There are three things you can do today to make sure there is a level playing field on funding:

1 - Make a donation to Yes Scotland.

2Contact the No campaign demanding they refuse donations over £500 from people outwith Scotland.

3 - Visit the Yes Scotland online shop and get some of our fantastic Yes merchandise.