Prison Officers trade union supports Yes campaign

Yes Scotland has welcomed the decision of the Prison Officers Association Scotland to offer its full support to the independence campaign.

At the representative body's conference in Peebles, delegates voted on a motion to voice their "frustration and dismay" at the Westminster government's pension arrangements and refusal to recognise prison officers as a key operational service like the police or fire brigade.

The supported motion also agrees that the best interest of prison officers will be served by an independent Scottish Government.

Blair Jenkins, Yes Scotland's chief executive said: "Yes Scotland are delighted by the decision of the Prison Officers Association of Scotland to support a Yes vote in next year's referendum - the first union to declare its backing for independence so far.

"Their frustration with the failing and uncaring Westminster system chimes throughout Scotland, as too does their appreciation for what the devolved Scottish Parliament has been able to achieve in spite of limited powers.

"A Yes vote is the natural choice for the Prison Officers Association and for other trade union members throughout the country. There are benefits for public services that only a Yes vote can bring. With independence we will always get the governments we vote for - governments that are better placed to listen to the needs of the people of Scotland."


Should Scotland be an independent country?


  • Police numbers in Scotland are at a record high as the country's crime levels fall to the lowest level in 35 years a leading journal has reported.
  • Dennis Canavan, Chairman of Yes Scotland’s Advisory Board, has written to Alistair Darling, of the No camp, challenging him to back with proof his jam-tomorrow promises and claims in a new No poster campaign.

    To be launched on Monday, the No campaign advert mentions more powers for the Scottish Parliament, something Mr Canavan is asking Alistair Darling to confirm by providing an example of three new powers.

  • The new phase of the Yes Scotland promotional campaign - which was launched at the beginning of March - goes live next week with a series of new billboard posters and newspaper adverts.

    As the polls continue to narrow, the latest material from Yes stresses key arguments that Scotland "can, should and must" be independent.

  • Yes Scotland welcomes an ICM poll in Scotland on Sunday and a Survation poll in the Sunday Post today. The ICM poll shows the highest support for Yes so far in the referendum campaign - 48 per cent when "don't knows" are excluded. The Sunday Post poll records the narrowest gap between Yes and No of any Survation poll so far, and also shows that people regard the Yes campaign as the most trustworthy and positive of the two.