Poll finds majority would vote No to Scotland joining the UK

by Angus Millar

Just 18% of Scots would vote to join the Union if Scotland was already an independent country choosing whether or not to hand powers over to Westminster, a new poll has revealed.

The poll, conducted by major polling organisation Panelbase, found that a majority – 55% – would vote No to Scotland joining the UK, with 28% saying they did not know how they would vote.

If Scotland had remained independent in 1707 and was voting today on whether or not to join the Union, the case that the anti-independence campaign would have to make to the people of Scotland would be tough:

  • Your main parliament will move hundreds of miles away and your MPs will be in a small minority.        
  • For five years out of ten, you will have governments you didn't vote for.            
  • You will have to hand over all your oil and gas revenues to the Treasury at Westminster.
  • A nuclear arsenal will be based on the River Clyde, 30 miles from your largest city.       
  • You will join a country whose health, justice, education and postal services are rapidly being privatised. 
  • An austerity budget will be imposed from London, cutting jobs and threatening public services, instead of Scotland being responsible for raising and spending its own taxes.             
  • You will have forced upon you policies like the Bedroom Tax and welfare cuts which hit the poorest and most vulnerable in society the hardest, even if a huge majority of the population and the MPs they vote for reject them.

With such arguments, it is hard to imagine the Unionist campaign succeeding in such a referendum.

And yet this is the reality of the choice in next year’s vote. It’s a choice between a future where the people of Scotland get damaging policies they’ve rejected imposed upon them by Westminster – or a country where all the decisions about our future are taken by the people who live here.

If we were already independent, it is extremely unlikely – as today’s poll confirms – that the people of Scotland would want to give up the right to make the decisions affecting their own future.

So why not take back what you wouldn't choose to give away?

A Yes vote means we will always get the government the majority vote for, rather than governments the vast majority of us reject.

With a Yes we gain access to the tools we need to build a fairer and more prosperous country, allowing us to reject Westminster’s broken legacy of austerity and social injustice.

Since 1945, well over 100 countries have become independent - not one has ever gone back.

We can choose what is right for Scotland.

Only then will we be able to create the better society the people of Scotland want to see.

- The poll was commissioned by the Scottish political blog Wings over Scotland.

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