Olympic inspiration

By Blair Jenkins

Last night's closing celebrations marked the end of the Olympics, but the previous two weeks have seen some truly glorious sporting moments which will live on in people's memories for years to come.

From the remarkable achievements of so many TeamGB athletes including Scottish gold medal winners Sir Chris Hoy, who has established himself as an all-time Olympic great, Andy Murray whose determination finally paid off, and rower Katherine Grainger, as well international heroes such as Usain Bolt, the sporting performances in London this summer have been inspiring and a delight to watch.

Whether you were viewing from the comfort of your own sitting room or were fortunate enough to get tickets to see the action live, the talent, hard work, and passion of this year's Olympians have been at times moving, dramatic and utterly engaging to witness.

Organisers of London 2012 must be delighted with the way the games have gone and are to be congratulated. It will surely be a strange feeling for them today to realise everything they've worked so hard for has finally come to an end, but they must take pride in having produced such an unforgettable piece of sporting history.

And as the last competitors leave the Olympic village and the clear up operation begins, athletes and sports fans can already start thinking towards the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014.

London 2012 has set a great example for organisers in Glasgow. The medal haul by Scots athletes is a great springboard for the Commonwealth Games and organisers are already hard at work to make it a fantastic showcase for Scotland.

Now we can all look forward to hosting an international sporting event here in Scotland which will offer us the opportunity to see many of these top athletes in action again.


Should Scotland be an independent country?


  • The American head coach of Scottish Gymnastics believes Scotland should bid for independence within the Olympic movement. Jim Holt arrived in Scotland last year after a star-studded international career as a gymnastics expert. The Herald says Holt sees pros and cons to Scottish Gymnastics having to work within the British Gymnastics set-up and stresses that the view is his own, not necessarily that of the governing body, but admits to envy of football and rugby which are able to operate independently of any British organisaton.

  • Scots Asians for Yes is hosting a public meeting in Edinburgh tomorrow with an array of speakers, including one of Scotland’s most prominent businesswomen and political figures who will tell the audience that our Asian communities should be ‘front and centre’ of the debate.
  • The actress, who plays a young revolutionary in the drama New Worlds said in today's Radio Times:

    “It’s very hard to be confronted with the harsh reality of the situation we’re in.

    “The whole ‘ignorance is bliss’ thing has truth.

    “But it’s important to be active.

    “The obvious one that affects me – because I am Scottish – is how I would like Scotland to be run.

    “Well, I’m voting yes, so there you go, that’s that said. I’m voting yes.”

  • The democratic position of the so-called United Kingdom over the last 50 years has suffered, like the very shores of the islands themselves, from a process of systematic erosion.