'No' campaign challenged to withdraw misleading leaflet after UK loses AAA rating

Yes Scotland today calls on the "No" campaign to withdraw thousands of leaflets due to be handed out this weekend which contain the claim: "Scots save billions on the cost of mortgages due to the UK's AAA credit rating."

Ratings agency Moody's has cut the UK's rating from AAA to Aa1, saying the Westminster coalition's debt reduction programme faced significant challenges ahead and that growth will "remain sluggish over the next few years". 

News of the credit downgrading came as No campaigners began handing out leaflets as part of an "action weekend".

A spokesperson for Yes Scotland said: "The leaflet needs to be withdrawn because it is clearly misleading. The claim that the UK's AAA status is saving Scots billions on their mortgages when that rating has just been downgraded is completely discredited.

"From the outset, Yes Scotland has underlined the need for the people of Scotland to be given accurate, quality information to help them reach an informed choice in 2014. We sincerely hope that our opponents will follow our lead and start by withdrawing or correcting this leaflet.

"On the broader issue of the UK losing its AAA rating, this is further clear evidence that Westminster isn't working. The only way to ensure a sustainable economic recovery in Scotland for this and the next generation is through the powers of independence. 

"We don't pretend that an independent Scotland will be a land of milk and honey, but we can do things better, live within our means and ensure sustainable economic growth and jobs."

Yes Scotland's chief strategist, Stephen Noon, challenged the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, Willie Rennie, to withdraw the leaflet during a live discussion on BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotlandprogramme this morning.

Mr Rennie did not take up the challenge.



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