Looking towards Scotland's future

Children's writer, Lari Don, was one of the guests at the Yes Scotland launch. In the first of a series of backstage interviews, which we will be running over the next few days, Lari sets out why she believes Scotland should be an independent country.

For Lari, being independent means knowing who you are and taking responsibility for yourself, something that is as important for us as individuals as for a nation. 

If you agree with Lari, you can sign the yes Declaration and join the thousands of other Scots who are saying Yes to an independent Scotland.

Citizenship, Education


  • Many of us who support the idea of an independent Scotland but would prefer not to be described as nationalists are motivated by the prospect of taking greater responsibility for shaping our own future. In doing so, we have an opportunity to create a fairer society.
  • We all have our reasons for voting Yes in 2014. At Yes Scotland we believe that a vote for independence is a vote for a stronger, fairer and more democratic Scotland. 

  • “Sometimes I worry from a business point of view that I make decisions because I want to look after the people who work for me, rather than what’s going to make the most money…”
  • The No campaign’s promises of more powers after a No vote have fallen apart in less than 24 hours. A chorus of Tory MPs in England have been objecting to the Westminster party leaders’ vague promises of more powers for Scotland.

    As if we needed it, it is the final proof that only independence will guarantee the powers...