Leading Tory donor says Scotland needs full financial powers

By Fiona MacGregor

John McGlynn, Founder and Chairman of the Airlink Group of Companies is the latest high-profile entrepreneur to recognise Scotland needs full financial powers if it is to reach its strongest economic potential.

He joins a growing number of business chiefs including, Sir Tom Hunter and Jim McColl and Sir Tom Farmer in agreeing the constitutional status quo is not good enough and we need the powers to make more economic decisions in Scotland.

Mr McGlynn said: "We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to change Scotland for the better and we must grab it with both hands.

"As an entrepreneur I share the views of many in the business community that the constitutional status quo is just not good enough.

"The Scottish Government should have all of the necessary levers to help boost the economy and create jobs.

"Devolution has shown that better decisions are made closer to home and we need more of that as soon as possible.

"I am saddened that some politicians are not taking this historic opportunity to maximise devolution and be ambitious for Scotland. I am a firm believer in full fiscal autonomy for Scotland ( devo max) but I have been impressed by the submission for Devo Plus. I look forward very much to a full and sensible debate on Independence for Scotland.

"If a stronger powers option is not included in the 2014 referendum I like many others in the business community will most likely come to the conclusion that the worst of all options is the status quo and back independence.

"We should be confident in our abilities to be competitive and successful in business at home and internationally. Let's have the powers in Scotland to make that possible."