Launching the Pay-a-£-for-Scotland appeal

Today we launch the Pay-a-£-for-Scotland appeal for those who want to promote the positive economic case for an independent Scotland.

By donating a pound – the amount UK Treasury officials claim would be the cost of Scottish independence – you’ll be helping to secure a majority Yes vote at the 2014 referendum.

"If the cost of creating a more equal and fairer Scotland was only a pound, I believe most Scots would think that a price worth paying," said Yes Scotland's chief executive, Blair Jenkins.

Of course, the reality is that Scotland has been stronger financially than the UK as a whole over the past five years and more than pays its way. Official revenue and spending figures prove that.

The counter claim that Scots would each be £1 worse off if we were independent was made by Treasury officials commissioned by the Westminster Government’s anti-independence unit in the first of the coalition’s so-called "manifesto for the Union" initiatives.

The "expert analysis" has been greeted with a mixture of incredulity, laughter and ridicule and has been interpreted as a spectacular own goal by the No campaign, led by former Chancellor Alistair Darling.

Independent research shows that even if things stayed much as they are now financially, a majority of Scots would be in favour of an independent Scotland. According to the Scottish Social Attitudes survey, 46% of people would vote Yes in the referendum if they thought their standard of living would be maintained at current levels, while only 32% would vote No.

Blair Jenkins said: "It is remarkable that at this early stage in the campaign, the Treasury has conceded that people in Scotland would be financially no worse off under independence. Of course, the truth is that Scotland is already better off and will continue to be so after independence.

"And just think how even better off we would be were an independent Scottish Government to, for example, choose not to spend £250 million a year on nuclear weapons."

He added: "Now that the London Treasury has helped us make the economic case for independence, this is the time to really drive home the message that Scotland is not only capable of standing on her own feet , but can also enjoy increased prosperity while building the kind of country we want for ourselves and future generations.

"So I would appeal to everybody to play their part and give a £-for-Scotland. Of course, you can donate more if you can afford it and help us secure a Yes vote in 2014 for a better Scotland."

Visit our donation page to give a pound (or more) Yes Scotland.

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