Four top executives to join Yes

By Fiona MacGregor

Four key executives are to be appointed by Yes Scotland to help drive the nation’s biggest ever community campaign towards success in 2014 and an independent Scotland.

We are seeking applications for the posts of Operations Director, Communications Director, Marketing Director and Director of Communities.

The new executives will be based at the new Yes Scotland's HQ in Glasgow’s city centre (details of which we’ll be announcing shortly).

“This will be the largest campaign of its kind in Scotland and I am determined to build a strong team that befits such an historic event,” said Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins.

The advert for the posts which appeared in today’s Herald newspaper is aimed at attracting candidates of the highest calibre from the widest possible field.

“The candidates who are successful in filling these senior positions will play vital roles in the campaign going forward to the independence referendum,” said Mr Jenkins.

Yes Scotland will also be seeking candidates for several other junior positions in the next few months. Their work will focus heavily on building and supporting a nationwide network of local campaign groups of volunteers who will be spreading the word on the benefits of an independent Scotland in the run-up to the 2014 referendum.

So far, there are more than 5,000 registered volunteers working for the campaign. There have also been more than 100 Yes Scotland events held across the country, with many more in the coming days and weeks listed on our events pages. To find out more about these or for information about what you can do to help share the Yes message go here.

“At this early stage in the campaign, I am delighted with progress so far,' said Mr Jenkins. 'We are putting the foundations in place for what I am certain will be a first-class campaign team providing the high quality information that people in Scotland need to make the right choice in 2014.”


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