Ewan Hunter: 'Scotland's bright and independent future'

Ewan Hunter is Director of Hunter Search, an Enterprise Partner with Strathclyde University Network and Chairman of the UK's newest job advertising site, Recruitwork. Ewan recently announced his support for independence. 

Listen to Ewan listing the attributes he believes will see an independent Scotland flourish.

If you haven't signed up already, join Ewan and show your support by signing the Yes Declaration.



  • We have a once in a lifetime opportunity on September 18. More and more people, as we approach the referendum day, are waking up to the prospect of the better, fairer and more successful Scotland that we can create with independence.

    The deadline to register to vote is tomorrow – midnight on Tuesday 2nd of September....

  • Farming for Yes have called on the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to use his expected visit to Moffat Show to reverse his policy on Common Agricultural Policy funding and immediately return all of the €223 million “convergence” funding which was due to Scottish farmers, but most of which his Government instead diverted away...

  • Independence means we can create a better Scotland, where we invest in our children’s future and make life easier for families. With full control of Scotland’s vast wealth and resources, we can decide what’s best for Scotland.

    A Yes vote is, of course, just the beginning. The improvements we set out do require the new...

  • Two senior No campaigners have revealed the consequences of a No vote for Scotland – Douglas Alexander has made clear we’ll get none of the job-creating powers we need to prosper and Home Secretary Theresa May said there was no guarantee that NHS funding wouldn’t be cut after the UK election.