Ewan Hunter: 'Scotland's bright and independent future'

Ewan Hunter is Director of Hunter Search, an Enterprise Partner with Strathclyde University Network and Chairman of the UK's newest job advertising site, Recruitwork. Ewan recently announced his support for independence. 

Listen to Ewan listing the attributes he believes will see an independent Scotland flourish.

If you haven't signed up already, join Ewan and show your support by signing the Yes Declaration.



  • Independence means the powers to create more jobs and opportunities for people in Scotland. It’s our one opportunity to make this country a more prosperous place and boost the prospects for all of us, but especially young people in Scotland.

    Independence is not a magic wand and jobs don’t just appear overnight. Nobody...

  • Former Chief Executive of betting giant William Hill plc Ralph Topping said today the big gamble for Scotland is staying ​under the Westminster system.

    The smart money, he said,​ should be placed​ on a Yes vote on September 18.

  • The Yes campaign today called on unregistered voters - the so-called 'missing million' - to help deliver cast-iron protection for Scotland's NHS with a Yes vote on September 18.

    The future of Scotland's NHS has moved centre stage in the referendum debate after Labour Shadow Health Secretary at Westminster, Andy...

  • Only a Yes vote can deliver job-creating powers

    After First Minister Alex Salmond's decisive win against No campaign leader Alistair Darling in the BBC referendum debate - winning by 71 per cent to 29 per cent in the post-debate ICM/Guardian poll - Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins said that...