Ewan Hunter: 'Scotland's bright and independent future'

Ewan Hunter is Director of Hunter Search, an Enterprise Partner with Strathclyde University Network and Chairman of the UK's newest job advertising site, Recruitwork. Ewan recently announced his support for independence. 

Listen to Ewan listing the attributes he believes will see an independent Scotland flourish.

If you haven't signed up already, join Ewan and show your support by signing the Yes Declaration.



  • A Yes vote in September’s independence referendum will mean that Scotland’s vital fishing industry will thrive - not just survive.

    That was one of the key messages delivered today as Fishing for Yes became the latest campaign group to join the growing Yes movement - with 50 days of the independence campaign to go...

  • By Fearghas Kelly

    On September 18, young people in Scotland will be given the opportunity to create a fairer, more successful country with opportunities for all.

    Young people have a lot to gain from independence. With our lives ahead of us, we are the ones who will benefit the most from having the...

  • Independence is the only sure way to deal with the ever-growing gap between Scotland’s rich and poor, two leading figures in the Yes campaign will say today. 

    Ahead of today’s Oxfam debate on inequality at the Lighthouse...

  • The first woman to be Lord Provost of Scotland’s capital has urged her former Labour Party colleagues to join the campaign for independence to ensure a fairer and more just nation.

    Eleanor McLaughlin, who was once against devolution because it lacked the powers required by “a proper government”, says she is in no...