Enhancing our natural resources

Environmental campaigner and former Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth in Scotland, Stan Blackley, is the latest of our backstage interviews from the Yes Scotland launch.

As Stan says, an independent Scotland will enable us to enhance and protect our natural environment and it will mean decisions on these crucial areas will be taken by the people of Scotland. If you agree with Stan, sign the Yes Declaration today.

Energy, Environment


  • The No campaign’s promises of more powers after a No vote have fallen apart in less than 24 hours. A chorus of Tory MPs in England have been objecting to the Westminster party leaders’ vague promises of more powers for Scotland.

    As if we needed it, it is the final proof that only independence will guarantee the powers...

  • Yes campaign leaders today urged their volunteers to go out and win every last vote in the few remaining hours before the historic independence referendum.

    Hundreds of supporters turned up to a eve-of-poll rally in Glasgow city centre, where they were told by Yes Scotland chairman Dennis Canavan to make a massive last...

  • The Yes campaign today urged the people of Scotland to seize the one opportunity of independence and not to be taken in by empty promises of more powers - which are already unravelling.

    The appeal was made as the ‘vow’ by David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg of more powers for Scotland in return for a No vote...

  • An independent Scotland will bid to hold a climate summit here in Scotland.

    SNP Environment Minister, Paul Wheelhouse, and Scottish Green co-convener Patrick Harvie, have joined forces to announce today that an independent Scotland will bid to hold the annual UN climate talks.