Enhancing our natural resources

Environmental campaigner and former Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth in Scotland, Stan Blackley, is the latest of our backstage interviews from the Yes Scotland launch.

As Stan says, an independent Scotland will enable us to enhance and protect our natural environment and it will mean decisions on these crucial areas will be taken by the people of Scotland. If you agree with Stan, sign the Yes Declaration today.

Energy, Environment


  • Friends of the Earth Scotland have welcomed a new Scottish Government publication on five key gains of Yes for our environment, which sets out how independence can help us make Scotland a greener and more environmentally responsible country.

  • Independence means joined up energy policy.  Just now energy policy is reserved to Westminster – with the Scottish Government confined to use of planning laws as it seeks to pursue a renewables-focused future.

    So just earlier this week, the UK government opened up vast swathes of the UK, including Scotland, for...

  • Independence, and the powers to make our own decisions about the future, is the key to prosperity for all of Scotland – in our cities and our rural areas. One of the most important steps we can take boost rural Scotland is to ensure greater connectivity in communities in all parts of the country.

    The Scottish...

  • Independence will deliver the powers that Scotland needs to tackle rising energy bills and address the scandal of fuel poverty in our energy-rich country, according to a new report from the Expert Commission on Energy Regulation.

    The experts also confirm it would also be in the best interests of both Scotland and the...