Elaine C. Smith takes a break from the Susan Boyle Musical

by Fiona McGregor 

Comedian and actress, Elaine C. Smith, has taken a break from her starring role in the Susan Boyle Musical (currently playing in Cardiff) to record a special message for the launch of the Yes Campaign.

"Ultimately it is for the people of this nation to decide their own future but I sincerely hope that these next few months will allow us to have a reasoned and passionate debate about what is best for our country. I hope we can deal with the real issues in this and it will not just be a negative campaign of fear mongering.

"I doubt if the people of India or Ireland or Norway when striving for self determination and a right to govern themselves asked only if they would be richer or better off? Surely being an independent country is as much to do with how we feel in our hearts and minds rather then only economics. In this world even being the strongest and richest economy cannot guarantee a job and secure a future-as many people across the world will tell us today.

"By having Scotland's future in Scotland's hands we in the Yes campaign believe that we can and will make Scotland a better place to live and work......from looking after our old and our sick, ensuring that our young people have a chance of a decent job and a better future, that our education system improves and that poverty...yes that grinding poverty that has afflicted so many parts of our country both in our cities and our rural communities for far too long is a thing of the past.

"Becoming independent is no magic pill but I believe it is the start, a real start, for this country and its people, on the wonderful journey to a better nation."

We'll upload Elaine's video for the launch after the event today, but in the meantime, here she is urging the people of Scotland to sign the Yes Declaration - which you can do here.

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