Dougie McLean takes 'Yes' on tour

Dougie McLean, one of Scotland's most respected and popular musicians, is to take Yes on tour. 

Dougie was pictured yesterday in Butterstone with a Yes board that he picked up at Friday's Yes Scotland launch. 

His plan is to take the Yes board around Scotland with him, so he can take pictures of it with fans in every corner of the country.


by Jennifer Dempsie

Dougie played a starring role at Friday's launch, performing Caledonia, along with rising star of the Scottish music scene, Lou Hickey. And, he was one of the first to sign the Yes Declaration.

Of course, you can follow Dougie's lead, first by signing the Declaration yourself, but also by sending in pictures of you, your friends and family with the word Yes. We'll be sure to feature the best ones here on the website. 

Tell us where you are, who is in the picture and why you are saying Yes to an independent Scotland. Email us at

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