Dennis Canavan on Labour values and independence

Yes Scotland's chairman, Dennis Canavan, formerly a Labour MP and independent MSP, told the recent Labour For Independence conference why Scotland should make its own decisions based on its own values.

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Welfare state


  • Supporting the democratic right of nations like Scotland to self-determination doesn’t make you a Scottish nationalist. It makes you a democrat.
  • By Roddie MacLennan

    I am what is often referred to as a natural Labour voter. My father was a Highland railwayman all his life, as was his father, grandfather and great grandfather before him. They were all lifelong trade unionists, some holding senior positions within the NUR/RMT. My father was a Labour Party member, councillor and activist. I have been a trade unionist all my life and, for a period, a shop steward. I was a Labour member and activist for some years.

    My whole family are voting Yes - that is six former Labour voters.

  • On Saturday, Allan Grogan of Labour for Independence spoke at an event at Scottish Labour Conference hosted by the Law Society.

  • As the referendum campaign reaches the 200-days-to-go milestone this weekend, a senior Labour Party figure has declared his support for Yes in direct response to Chancellor George Osborne’s anti-currency union speech.