Dennis Canavan on Labour values and independence

Yes Scotland's chairman, Dennis Canavan, formerly a Labour MP and independent MSP, told the recent Labour For Independence conference why Scotland should make its own decisions based on its own values.

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Welfare state


  • More than 100 Labour supporters, including party members past and present, have signed an open letter urging a Yes vote on Thursday as the best way to create a fairer, more socially just Scotland.

    The 133 signatories, including former STUC president Pat Kelly, former Westminster Labour government minister Les...

  • Keir Hardie is the main founder of the Labour Party and was Scotland’s greatest politician. It is surprising that little is being said about his views on independence. 

    This may be because in speaking about home rule he often meant Irish home rule which he supported. But there is no doubt that he also advocated the...

  • The Yes campaign today called on unregistered voters - the so-called 'missing million' - to help deliver cast-iron protection for Scotland's NHS with a Yes vote on September 18.

    The future of Scotland's NHS has moved centre stage in the referendum debate after Labour Shadow Health Secretary at Westminster, Andy...

  • He’s used to being back stage during the performances of many of Scotland’s best known comedians, but now the owner of the Stand Comedy Club will be getting behind the mic.