Defence industry 'secure' in independent Scotland, says expert

Scotland’s lucrative defence industry would be secure in an independent country, a defence expert has told the House of Commons Scottish Affairs Select Committee.

Ian Godden, who used to chair ADS, the organisation that promotes the British aerospace and defence industry, and who is chairman of the Farnborough Air Show, said the industrial and engineering capability made the Scotland’s expertise "attractive" in the sector. 

Fears over jobs were challenged by Mr Godden, who argued that defence contracts had moved from being national to international and pointed to the example of the Typhoon aircraft where the radar is being partly built in Scotland. He pointed out that the project was a joint one between the UK, France and Germany.

He said: "Scotland can maintain its position in defence interests [after independence] because there is an industrial capability and engineering capability that Scotland has got which makes it attractive."

He added: "It is also where the skill base is."

- Picture of Eurofighter Typhoon by Max Pfandl



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