Creating a better Scotland

By Blair Jenkins

This week Yes Scotland made a very significant appointment with Stewart Kirkpatrick joining us as Head of Digital with overall responsibility for this website and the associated database on which all successful campaigns now depend.

Social Media policy

The very fact you and many others are reading this shows how important our own information and distribution platform is to the success of our referendum campaign. It is important we run things properly and professionally, which is why this week we also introduced our code of conduct in social media for the Yes website and Yes supporters.

The key part of our social media policy is that we all treat our allies and our opponents in this campaign with equal courtesy and respect. This is an essential part of the ethos of the Yes campaign - that we act in a principled and responsible manner at all times.

Vital contribtion

But all of that digital discipline still leaves a lot of room for creativity and imagination. This week I spent a fascinating hour or so with the endlessly innovative Pat Kane, who is convinced that talented Scots in all areas of the creative industries can make a vital contribution to the campaign for an independent Scotland.

It’s an important reminder that this debate is not just political in its tone and content. We are trying to imagine (and then create) a better Scotland, where we make our own decisions and live by our own values. A large part of our wider vision for an independent Scotland has to be about how our artistic and creative talent will flourish as never before.

I’m working hard to build up the Yes campaign team to a point where we have the full capacity to engage with our many enthusiastic and energised supporters around the country. More news to come on that soon!

Should Scotland be an independent country?