Blair Jenkins welcomes Nicola Sturgeon's referendum role

Following today's appointment of Nicola Sturgeon to the Cabinet's referendum role, Blair Jenkins, the Chief Executive of Yes Scotland, said: "Independence is an opportunity to deliver a fairer and more successful Scotland and Nicola Sturgeon's appointment is great news for the independence movement. We are entering an important and exciting time in Scotland's history and having a minister of Nicola's calibre in such a key role is a real boost to the Yes Campaign as we take our message of hope to people across Scotland.

"She is, of course, already a member of the Yes Scotland Advisory Board, which meets for the first time tomorrow, the membership of which reflects the cross-section of interests that the campaign represents. "For one of our advisory board members to be taking a leading Government role is even more positive news for Yes Scotland. This referendum is a wonderful opportunity to build a greater Scotland." He added: "As an independent nation we can take full advantage of our resources, our international reputation and our own tax base to build a wealthier and fairer society here in Scotland. With Scotland's future in Scotland's hands we can choose a better path for our country." The announcement comes the day after the First Minister unveiled his legislative programme for the coming year and which inluded the Referendum Bill.
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Should Scotland be an independent country?


  • Since the launch of the Yes Scotland campaign last year, I have travelled the length and breadth of the country, from Stornoway to Stranraer, from Dunoon to Dundee. During the course of my travels, I have spoken to thousands of people at a variety of venues, including town halls, schools, community centres and miners’ welfare clubs.
  • by Angus Millar The views in this article are those of the guest author and do not necessarily represent the views of Yes Scotland.

    As the public scrutiny of the No campaign’s “Project Fear” tactics continues, here is a list of just some of the most high profile examples of scaremongering they have used to try to frighten Scots into voting No.

    Last month, the Sunday Herald revealed that some inside the No campaign privately use the name “Project Fear” to refer to themselves, in recognition of their negative tactics.

  • Scotland has the wealth, the wisdom and the will to be a better and fairer country, says Yes Scotland's chief executive, Blair Jenkins.

    Speaking on the eve of the 500-day countdown to the independence referendum, he said: "What we need is the wherewithal and the self-confidence to take our future into our own hands and create the kind of country we want for ourselves and future generations."

  • Recently the Scottish Greens published a set of ideas for revitalising local government and local democracy. The party, which has councillors in Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Midlothian and Stirling, has called for a move towards much smaller units of government that would be able to raise the majority of their funding locally.