Be part of Scotland's biggest ever community-led campaign

By Fiona MacGregor

Yes Scotland is the biggest community-led campaign this country has ever seen and success in 2014 will come through us all sharing the message in our villages, towns and cities that Scotland's future should be in Scotland's hands. That's why we're launching a special events section on our website to encourage and help you to hold community events in your area.

This could be at a local gala or summer fair or by having a street stall. You can look at the events calendar by clicking here to see what other community events have been taking place across Scotland for further inspiration.

People like you are already out and about getting their friends and neighbours to sign up to the Yes Declaration. You can do the same.

We can help you publicise your event on the Yes Scotland website. is a powerful tool to allow you to inform people in your area about your event. Thousands of people across the country who are interested in an independent Scotland are already visiting the site regularly.

Setting up an event in our calendar is easy and can be done by anyone who has signed the Yes Declaration. Click here to go to the events section where you can register your event.

Once you've have set up an event, you'll need material to distribute. Anyone who has logged an event on the website can request aCommunity Action Kit to help them with their campaigning.

The kit, much of which can be downloaded onto your computer and printed out, provides with you with Yes Declarations forms, stickers, balloons and pens as well as a Yes Placard.

We're keen to find out how your events go and to share your success with other visitors to Take photos of you and your Yes placard at your event and send them into us at



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