Architect Alasdair Stephen - Voting Yes

Alasdair Stephen is the co founder of award winning architects Dualchas Building Design, based on the Isle of Skye. Here Alasdair explains why he is voting yes, and his hopes for Scotland on independence.

Alasdair and his firm have been involved in building projects across Scotland and as far afield as South Africa.

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  • by Alasdair Stephen

    "This is Scotland”, said Malcolm Fraser, the renowned architect showing a photograph of a snow-covered shepherd’s bothy set within a stunning autumnal Highland landscape. The audience at the event in the 2002 Biennale in Barcelona gasped.

  • Creating a Scottish public energy company would be a tremendous legacy to leave for future generations. We could start building it right now, if local authorities used their borrowing power to invest in profitable sources of green energy - by Patrick Harvie, Scottish Green Party
  • Scotland’s renewables revolution continues to strengthen, with record levels of renewable power produced. In an extraordinary contrast, the Independent yesterday published a report showing how Britain as a whole is the third lowest producer of renewables in the EU.
  • Major Perth-based energy firm, SSE, has now confirmed that it expects that “a single energy market in Great Britain would be the most likely outcome in the event of a Yes vote”. This is a welcome confirmation of a simple reality: we will continue to work closely together across these islands after Yes.