Abertay Uni debate shows momentum with Yes

On 23 September, Stuart Hosie MP (SNP) and Lord George Robertson, former leader of the Scottish Labour Party, debated the motion "It is time for Scotland to become an independent nation state" as part of Dr Wallace McNeish's Thinking Lecture series at Abertay University.

At each of Dr McNeish's lectures an audience vote is taken before the debate begins and again once it has ended, before comparing the two results.

Prior to the debate the audience vote (viewable in the video at around 6:30) was:

  • Yes: 21%
  • No: 59%
  • Don't Know: 20%

The vote taken after Mr Hosie and Lord Robertson had made their cases (viewable in the video at around 1:27:00)  was:

  • Yes: 51%
  • No: 38%
  • Don't Know: 11%

This proves once again that the momentum is with the Yes campaign, and that the more people become engaged with the debate and the positive message of independence, the more likely they are to vote Yes in September 2014.


  • Yes Scotland has strengthened its communities team for the crucial final year of the referendum campaign, to support and develop what is already the biggest grassroots movement in Scottish political history.
  • Today we are delighted to introduce the members of the Yes Scotland advisory board who will help drive the campaign towards referendum success in autumn 2014.