Can Scotland afford to be independent?


Can Scotland afford to be independent?


Scotland is a country rich in resources, and undoubtedly has what it takes to be a more prosperous and fairer nation.

And it’s not only the Yes campaign that accepts Scotland can afford to be independent.

“Supporters of independence will always cite examples of small, independent and thriving economies, such as Switzerland and Norway. It would be wrong to suggest that Scotland could not be another such successful, independent country” - David Cameron (April 2007)

Scotland raises more in taxes per head of population than the rest of the UK, and our public finances are stronger.

Scotland spends a smaller share of its wealth and taxes on welfare and social protection. We have a wide range of industries and out of all UK regions and nations, only London and the South East create more wealth (per head) for the economy than Scotland.

Our fact sheet contains further information on this and many other issues, and our website includes further detail on the reasons why we can expect an independent Scotland to not just survive, but prosper.

Some of those getting in touch ask to be referred to an impartial source of information on Scotland’s economy. For an independent and very detailed assessment of Scotland’s economic potential, Yes Scotland would recommend the First Report by the Scottish Government’s Fiscal Commission Working Group – a group of renowned international economists, including two Nobel Prize winners.

The full report can be read in full here – but chapter 4 is particularly relevant as an assessment of Scotland’s economy and potential.

The report concludes that, “by international standards, Scotland is a wealthy and productive country”.

So the real issue is, why are our people and families not better off? Why does our economy not perform as well as other small countries?

And why is it becoming increasingly unequal with the very richest enjoying a disproportionate share of income and wealth?

We believe the reason is that the policies of successive Westminster governments are not the right ones for Scotland.  And with all the main Westminster parties signed up to austerity policies, we need independence urgently, as never before. 

Like other small countries, we need full control of our resources to make the best use of them.

That is the core argument we are making in our “prosperity” campaign – you can download some of our key materials here.

For all these reasons we believe it is clear that Scotland’s got what it takes to be a more prosperous and fairer nation.

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