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On Monday, September 29th we held a very proud and positive meeting of the Yes Scotland advisory board. We looked back at the campaign and what was achieved, and looked forward to how the momentum of the Yes movement can be maintained and strengthened in the months and years ahead.

Everybody wanted to express our deep gratitude to all of those who worked so hard for a Yes vote. It was the very essence of Yes to be a grassroots and community-based campaign and the fact that success was so nearly achieved was a direct testament to the magnificent work done by Yes volunteers all over Scotland. Thank you all, for the great contribution you made to the independence cause.

In accepting the result of the independence referendum, there is a great desire to build on the many positives of the Yes campaign. We know that many local Yes groups are continuing to meet and that the political parties involved in the Yes movement are seeing huge increases in membership.

The first task is to ensure that the Westminster parties deliver on the explicit promises made to the people of Scotland about substantial additional powers for the Scottish parliament.

We thank you most sincerely for what you have done already for the Yes campaign, and for what you will do in the future.

Blair Jenkins