Yes Scotland asks No campaign to detail guaranteed new powers

Dennis Canavan, Chairman of Yes Scotland’s Advisory Board, has written to Alistair Darling, of the No camp, challenging him to back with proof his jam-tomorrow promises and claims in a new No poster campaign.

To be launched on Monday, the No campaign advert mentions more powers for the Scottish Parliament, something Mr Canavan is asking Alistair Darling to confirm by providing an example of three new powers.

Polls shows highest support for Yes so far

Yes Scotland welcomes an ICM poll in Scotland on Sunday and a Survation poll in the Sunday Post today. The ICM poll shows the highest support for Yes so far in the referendum campaign - 48 per cent when "don't knows" are excluded. The Sunday Post poll records the narrowest gap between Yes and No of any Survation poll so far, and also shows that people regard the Yes campaign as the most trustworthy and positive of the two.

STUC sets priorities as Yes momentum builds in Scotland’s trade union movement

Key issues were the doubling in zero hours contracts highlighted by the STUC, and the catastrophe of youth unemployment. Such issues have developed across the UK, given Scotland’s labour market is “very highly integrated with the UK’s and both are subject to the same employment law”.

Daily Digest: Yes to help our universities attract top talent and Expert explains energy bill bonus with Yes

“To summarise some very complex arguments, as a result of the coalition government’s decision to fund new nuclear build, we found that a Scottish government committed to no nuclear build would actually see reductions in consumer electricity bills compared to the rest of the United Kingdom.