STUC sets priorities as Yes momentum builds in Scotland’s trade union movement

Key issues were the doubling in zero hours contracts highlighted by the STUC, and the catastrophe of youth unemployment. Such issues have developed across the UK, given Scotland’s labour market is “very highly integrated with the UK’s and both are subject to the same employment law”.

Daily Digest: Yes to help our universities attract top talent and Expert explains energy bill bonus with Yes

“To summarise some very complex arguments, as a result of the coalition government’s decision to fund new nuclear build, we found that a Scottish government committed to no nuclear build would actually see reductions in consumer electricity bills compared to the rest of the United Kingdom.

Scottish foreign policy will see world through a more ‘ethical lens’

An independent Scotland can “mimic the soft power credentials” of other small nations to create a more “ethical” policy. Writing in today’s Herald, Matthew Vickery, a journalist based in the West Bank Palestinian territory says if Scots continue with the UK, then we miss the chance of “building a more just form of [global] interaction”.

Soaring foodbank use “the tip of the iceberg in terms of UK food poverty”

The Trussell Trust has given out over 900,000 emergency food parcels in the last year in the UK – and when independent food banks are added in, the total is well over 1 million. As the Mirror explains, 330,000 of Trussell Trust parcels went to children – despite the fact we have more millionaires than ever before.